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  1. GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT - STRUCTURED FINANCIAL PRODUCTS – PRIVATE PLACEMENTS – Unique & Bespoke IP-CBABS - TIIP - All-In-One Finance Packages, and Renewable Waste-2-Energy-2-Water Plants.

    ATSG have also developed a “Boilerplate Securitization Project Plan, which can also be combined with the unique position to arrange and facilitate Public/Private Funding Structures (“PPP and PFI”) and the ATSG Hallmark, Bespoke and Specialist Private Placement Initiative Methodology (“PPIM”) that will reduce the Direct Capital Investment for our clients on: Oil, Gas, Power, Mining, Construction, Hydro, Utilities, Waste Management and Renewable Energy Projects.

  2. ATSG – have agreed to apply their Unique and Bespoke IP- CBABS and arrange Totally Integrated Insurance Products (“TIIP”) with and for Gartena (ATS) Holdings Limited in conjunction with Gartena’s IP and Patent for the Waste-2-Energy-2-Water - Alternative Intelligent Renewable Green Energy Source, Thermal Treatment Plant Process and the Super Desalination Evaporator Plants, in the form of - the Waste-2-Energy-2-Water One Duel Facility Process – Worldwide.

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