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ATSG – have agreed to apply their Unique and Bespoke IP- CBABS and arrange Totally Integrated Insurance Products (“TIIP”) with and for Gartena (ATS) Holdings Limited in conjunction with Gartena’s IP and Patent for Waste-2-Energy-2-Water - Alternative Intelligent Renewable Green Energy Source, Thermal Treatment Plant Process and the Super Desalination Evaporator Plants, in the form of - the Waste-2-Energy-2-Water One Duel Facility Process - Worldwide.

ATSG- has a Major Strategic Partnership with the Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwan - Chyau Fwu Group/Hong Kong Parkview Group (“CFG”). Through this CFG Strategic Partnership ATSG has negotiated a Joint Venture Structure Agency (“JVS”) with CFG for Gartena and for the Universality Gartena Waste-2-Energy-2-Water - Alternative Intelligent Green Energy Source, Thermal Plant Process and the Super Desalination Evaporator Plants, in the form of the – “One Duel Facility Process” for the Far East.

ATSG are also appointed as the Global Asset Managers Worldwide for Gartena (ATS) Holdings Limited.

Why Gartena’s Thermal Treatment Plants are “Ahead of the Game”

  • High combustion temperatures without the need for extra fuel (950oC in the oven and 1200oC in the after burning-chamber).
  • Highest energy output in the industry – at least 95%.
  • Efficient combustion - only 5% ashes.
  • 250,000 tons waste saves 62,500 tons of oil per year (allows for selling of carbon credits).
  • 1 x 3 Line Plant (250,000 tonnes) will produce 30 MW of Electricity.
  • No harmful substances contaminate the atmosphere as waste completely combusted.
  • Ashes free from organic material.
  • Dioxins split due to high combustion temperature.
  • No sorting or separation of waste necessary because of robust structure.
  • Hazardous waste and hospital waste can be easily be treated due to the high temperatures.
  • The Thermal Treatment process not disturbed by treating waste with different energy contents.
  • No electrostatic precipitator needed - fly ash fully combusted in the after burning chamber.
  • Releasing the energy trapped in the fly ash helps to keep up the high levels of efficiency.

Waste Management

  • 750 ton’s / day (7 days/week) (250,000 ton’s/year).
  • Waste will be processed in the plant for conversion into steam for Electrical Power (Water) or reconstituted energy
  • Pre-sorting system in reloading stations or a pre-sorting system at the plant itself, which will remove glass and metal plus bigger types of waste, that cannot be facilitated will simplify the Thermal Treatment process.
  • The waste will be ground into small fractions. Metal will be separated magnetically and non-ferrous metal electrically and by vacuum.
  • It is also possible to treat tyres, waste oils and other types of chemical residues.
  • The plant will be constructed with an air recycling system which takes the air from the plant back to the Thermal Treatment process for maximal air refinement.
  • The Thermal Treatment plant with 3 (10.5 ton’s/h ovens) will treat about 750/day (8,000 hours a year), thereby, the steam and Electrical Power production (Water) will take place.
  • The heat and electrical supply needed in the plant will be self generated.
  • From the Waste process in the plant we will also be self supported with freshwater, and the surplus can be used for agriculture irrigation.
  • The ash from the plant will be good additive to the cement industry.

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